Jetset Worldwide offers a variety of choices such as Learjet, Citation, Gulfstream, Hawker, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls Royce. We can accommodate worldwide travel and exclusive vehicle rentals when visiting Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer concierge services to our clients in addition to personalized airport transportation. Experience the convenience, safety and luxury of private aviation as a reasonable travel alternative.

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Luxury Vehicles

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BMW 650i

The BMW 650i delivers a luxury and sporting character in this two door coupe. The 4.8-liter V-8 puts out 367 horsepower and 361 pound-feet of torque, which sends the car to 62 mph in 5.6 seconds and provides forceful and sweet-sounding acceleration. With sleek, modern style, the 6 Series is replete in head-turning beauty and, of course incredible performance.

Rental Rates

» $578.00 per day
» $3543.00 per week
» 50 miles per day included
» $1.00 per additional mile

BMW 750i

It's the BMW flagship, and this full-size, rear-wheel-drive sedan has always represented the pinnacle of technology and luxury accoutrements in the German automaker's lineup. As such, it's an obvious choice vehicle when seeking a spacious and elegant sedan with a high level of curbside prestige. The 7 Series sedan's athletic handling dynamics have long set it apart with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 that produces 400 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque. For that reason, the BMW 7 Series is the definitive super luxury sedan for people who like to drive.

Rental Rates

» $427.00 per day
» $2400.00 per week
» 50 miles per day included
» $1.00 per additional mile


The BMW X5 is one of the best-handling midsize luxury SUVs on the road. Whether driving on back roads or on an endless expanse of interstate, the X5 is a champ. The X5 does an amazing job of taking the sensations and talents of BMW's legendary sport sedans and translating them to the SUV world.

Rental Rates

» $323.00 per day
» $1800.00 per week
» 50 miles per day included
» $1.00 per additional mile

Mercedes Benz E350

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class strikes a brilliant balance between ride quality and handling ability. It's spacious and luxurious, but offers exceptional performance and taut handling. Inside, it combines old-world luxury with modern technology in an elegant cabin. The E350 is a remarkable luxury car to drive, a roomy sedan that is solid, safe, practical, comfortable and luxurious.

Rental Rates

» $247.00 per day
» $1470.00 per week
» 50 miles per day included
» $1.00 per additional mile

Mercedes Benz ML350

The Mercedes-Benz ML-Class is for drivers who have a lot of passengers but aren't willing to sacrifice a luxury driving experience to carry them all. The ML-Class has won several awards, including Motor Trend's "SUV of the Year," and Car and Driver's "Best Luxury Sport Utility. The ML350 is powered by a 3.5-liter, 268-horsepower V6 that drives more like a luxury sedan than a bulky SUV.

Rental Rates

» $389.00 per day
» $2254.00 per week
» 50 miles per day included
» $1.00 per additional mile

Mercedes Benz S550

The Mercedes S550 shines with design, class, and efficiency. The 382 horsepower V8 engine is equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission making it one of the highest performing vehicles in its class. The Mercedes S550 is known to drive like a smaller vehicle because of its fast acceleration and excellent control. The car’s interior is fully loaded with a technologically advanced navigation system, heated seats, panoramic sunroof, Harman Kardon surround system, and Night Vision Assist. These features all add to the interior’s tasteful design.

Rental Rates

» $578.00 per day
» $3546.00 per week
» 50 miles per day included
» $1.00 per additional mile

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Prestige Vehicles

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Porsche Carrera

Porsche Carrera 911 has remarkable performance ability. The 2 door sports car has the latest technology that increases the amount of strength the engine is capable of. The vehicle has a 3.6 liter 325 hp engine with 273 pound-feet of torque. The Carrera’s acceleration is so fast that in less than 5 seconds you can go 60 mph. The Porsche Carrera has a plethora of the finest features. This 4 passenger has a mixture of modern and traditional styling. The interior’s classic design comes equipped with adjustable, leather bucket seats, climate control, and a nine speaker audio system. One of the highest quality features of this automobile is its technologically advanced navigation system.

Rental Rates

» $587.00 per day
» $3550.00 per week
» 50 miles per day included
» $1.00 per additional mile

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a masterpiece - a vehicle that has every inch of comfort and usability that anyone would desire in a sedan of its class. The Phantom’s interior is upholstered with lush leather and finished with accents of piano black wood. If you love music, you can enjoy your favorite tunes by using the car’s iPod integration or even through the vehicle’s satellite radio. The sedan’s 15 speaker surround sound makes the music sound clarity spectacular. The back passengers can enjoy the drop-down tables located on the backrest of the front seats for work. You are bound to have a safe journey because any hazard is easily visible with the front and back cameras. Whatever you are planning on using the car for, a work related event or a just fun night out, you are bound to have an experience of a lifetime.

Rental Rates

» $2550.00 per day
» $16200.00 per week
» 50 miles per day included
» $2.25 per additional mile

Ferrari F430

There are only a few experiences in life that are monumental and truly unforgettable - being behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 tops that list. The moment you enter into this automotive masterpiece, you will experience luxury at its finest. This exotic vehicle is appointed with the most premium amenities money can buy including Daytona-inspired, powered leather seats, top-of-the line speakers, and voice prompted navigation. The posh exterior consists of 19-inch wheels, high performance tires, and bi-xenon lights. Every inch of this handcrafted, Italian manufactured exotic car exudes perfection.

Rental Rates

» $1750.00 per day
» $10750.00 per week
» 50 miles per day included
» $2.25 per additional mile

Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT is an award winning vehicle designed with grace and performance in mind. This classic British dream car has a 12-cylinder twin turbo charged engine making the drive completely smooth. This coupe has a powerful amount of torque to give you the much needed power behind the wheel. The Bentley is designed for your comfort, with its leather seats that are adjustable with memory settings and heating. The GPS system in the coupe is satellite based and can route your drive across any continent. With Bluetooth and a keyless entry this car is far superior to its competition

Rental Rates

» $1450.00 per day
» $9200.00 per week
» 50 miles per day included
» $1.50 per additional mile

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Light Jets

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Citation CJ3

The Cessna Citation CJ3 is recommended for short to mid range trips. The CJ3 is a beautifully designed jet with great performance. The CJ3 can fly higher, faster and further then most jets in its class. This spacious, efficient and well-equipped airplane represents a favorite among aircrafts of its size.

» Capacity: 6 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 465 mph
» Range: 1850 nm
» Hourly Rates: $2570 - $3451

Citation V

The Citation V is a bigger and better version of Cessna’s Citation Jet II/SP. The Citation V expanded the cabin space, allowing for eight passengers comfortably. The Citation V has been one of Cessna’s most popular models and the charter industry’s economically preferred modes of business or leisure travel.

» Capacity: 7-8 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 427 mph
» Range: 2072 nm
» Hourly Rates: $2490 - $3377

Hawker 400XP

The Hawker 400XP is one of the most efficient and preferred jets of its class. With impressive speed and range, interior luxury, it’s no wonder that the Hawker is one of the most requested jets for business and/or leisure charter. With impressive cabin space, the Hawker 400XP seats up to eight passengers and brags with its noticeable head and shoulder room.

» Capacity: 7-8 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 515 mph
» Range: 1685 nm
» Hourly Rates: $2441 - $3493

Learjet 31A

The Learjet 31A series is extremely popular among jet owners and private jet charter for business or leisure travel. The Lear 31A cruises up to 525 mph at 45,000 to 47,000 feet while still offering low operational costs per nautical mile.

» Capacity: 6-8 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 525 mph
» Range: 1565 nm
» Hourly Rates: $2379 - $3371

Learjet 40 XR

The Learjet 40XR is the latest executive light jet produced by Learjet. This Learjet is a larger aircraft that is more powerful and has a more spacious interior. It can fly at higher altitudes which can make the trip a lot smoother.

» Capacity: 6-8 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 465 mph
» Range: 1692 nm
» Hourly Rates: $2644 - $3783

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Midsize Jets

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Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 is mid-size jet capable of transcontinental distances. It is capable to depart challenging runways and fly coast-to-coast non-stop. The Challenger 300 has an expansive cabin which is comparable to larger, longer-range aircraft, which is why it is quickly becoming a recognized leader in its class.

» Capacity: 8 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 525 mph
» Range: 3322 nm
» Hourly Rates: $3970 - $4854

Citation X

The Cessna Citation X is a private jet that is certified to fly as high as 51,000 feet. The Citation X has a unique interior that is individually specialized to the specifications for the owner. It has a Rolls-Royce engine and remarkable aerodynamics. In just four hours you can go from LA to New York, making it one of the fastest and most fuel efficient jets available for private charter.

» Capacity: 8-9 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 590 mph
» Range: 3608 nm
» Hourly Rates: $4231 - $5192

Gulfstream G200

The Gulfstream 200 offers the range and comfort of a heavy jet. The Gulfstream 200 is capable of flying 3,620 nautical miles at speeds up to .82 Mach. It can also cruise at altitudes as high as 41,000 feet.

» Capacity: 7-9 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 540 mph
» Range: 3620 nm
» Hourly Rates: $3921 - $4933

Hawker 850XP

The Hawker 800XP is a mid-size twin-engine corporate aircraft. The XP features upgraded engine, enhanced aerodynamics, increased weight and system upgrades. It has one of the largest cabins with almost 40 percent more space than its competitors.

» Capacity: 8-9 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 500 mph
» Range: 2960 nm
» Hourly Rates: $3579 - $4271

Learjet 60

The Lear 60 is another impressive aircraft of the Lear Jet fleet. The Lear 60 can fly nonstop coast to coast while passengers enjoy a smooth stress free flight in comfort. Thanks to its comfort, range, and speed, the Lear 60 has become one of the more popular business jets.

» Capacity: 6-8 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 522 mph
» Range: 2165 nm
» Hourly Rates: $3310 - $4496

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Heavy Jets

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Challenger 604

The Challenger 604 set new standards in aviation comfort. The Challenger 604 features a wide cabin delivering comfort during the longest trips. The Challenger is crafted to offer you the highest level of luxury, versatility, and comfort.

» Capacity: 9-10 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 528 mph
» Range: 4024 nm
» Hourly Rates: $4453 - $5432

Falcon 900EX

The Falcon 900EX is one of the most technologically advanced large corporate jets. It has transcontinental capabilities and unprecedented flexibility. The design of the Falcon incorporates the latest improvements in aerodynamics.

» Capacity: 12-15 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 536 mph
» Range: 4500 nm
» Hourly Rates: $5489 - $6312

Global Express

The Global Express corporate jet and is the most luxurious and most accomplished aircraft. This aircraft offers even greater comfort, enhanced performance, and advance technology. The Global Express has customized interior layouts that can include an office or conference style areas.

» Capacity: 8-15 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 561 mph
» Range: 6150 nm
» Hourly Rates: $5770 - $6544

Gulfstream G450

The Gulfstream 450 is one of the most preferred business jets in the world. It comfortably seats up to 14 passengers in luxurious accommodations. The long cabin, with plenty of stand-up head room, allows you move about with ease, stretch out and relax or work in comfort with increased productivity.

» Capacity: 12-14 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 550 mph
» Range: 4237 nm
» Hourly Rates: $5419- $6407

Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream 550 is luxury travel at its finest. It features a range of 7,500 miles and cruises at nearly 600 mph. This aircraft will welcome passengers to an interior with amenities that are unequaled. The cabin may also be configured to accommodate up to 19 passengers plus two or three crew and a flight attendant. Non-stop flights can include New York to Cape Town, Chicago to Rome, and Los Angeles to Sidney.

» Capacity: 12-16 passengers
» Cruising Speed: 575 mph
» Range: 7165 nm
» Hourly Rates: $7577 - $8421

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